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Event Marketplace

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Bracket System
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Tournament Data & Statistics
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Event Hub Features

Event Marketplace

Event Hub

White-Label Landing Page
Custom domain
Predefined Themes
Company Branding
Customized Tournament Application Forms
Live Support & Ticketing System
Support for all esports games
Only games available in GUUL Gamespace
All Games
Monitoring Multiple Events in a single interface
Event Operations

Event Marketplace

Event Hub

Developing a communication strategy in coordination with relevant parties
Preparing custom rule sets for all tournaments
Implementing online application forms for all games
Crafting tournament announcements
Finding teammates for multiplayer games
Conducting the tournament draws
Providing server, admin, and arbiter services
Creating & updating brackets
Offering live support throughout the event

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“We believe presenting all of our employees with an always-on, cost-effective and engaging platform will improve the morale, productivity, and overall employee experience.”

Beril Atila
Türkiye İş Bankası Internal Communications Senior Vice President

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